Hasek Automotive Fleet Management

Hasek Automotive provides a complete scope of services for small to large fleets.

Hasek understands the everyday challenges of managing your fleet. Let us assist you in managing your fleet repairs and maintenance. Hasek’s program is geared toward preventive maintenance to avoid costly downtime of your business vehicles which can Cut down on business commute costs for executives and other employees. Your vehicles will always be serviced by trained ASE Certified Technicians.

Fleet management program includes:

Preventive Maintenance Plan:

Includes everything from oil and filter changes, tune-up to tire rotation and brake inspection. We service cars, trucks and buses to avoid them to cause accidents. If one of your fleet cars is involved in an accident, it is essential to take prompt and appropriate action to ensure the best possible outcome for your company. One crucial step to consider is hiring a lawyer specializing in car accidents. A lawyer can provide invaluable guidance and legal representation throughout the process, protecting your rights and interests. First and foremost, a lawyer can help navigate the complex legal aspects associated with car accidents. They have in-depth knowledge of the applicable laws, regulations, and insurance requirements, ensuring that you comply with all necessary procedures. They can also help gather evidence, interview witnesses, and assess liability to determine who is at fault in the accident. Additionally, a lawyer can assist with insurance claims and negotiations. They can work with insurance companies on your behalf to maximize your chances of receiving fair compensation for property damage, vehicle repairs, medical expenses, and any other losses incurred as a result of the accident. In case of personal injury claims, an Auto accident lawyer can help protect your company from potential lawsuits and liability issues.


We are able to repair any type of problem that may develop with your vehicles. From replacing small light bulbs to rebuilding engines, Hasek is equipped to handle any situation in an expedient way.

Parts and Service guarantee:

Hasek provides a limited warranty on parts and services.


Hasek Automotive accepts Mastercard, Visa, and Discover cards. If you qualify as a preferred fleet customer we can set you up on a monthly billing program.

Hours of operation:

Hasek Automotive is open from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. Monday through Friday. We also have a drop-off box for early or late drop-offs.

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