We Can Teach Old Cars New Tricks

Vehicle Restoration Services 1968 Cadillac FleetwoodHasek Automotive restoration has provided classic car restoration services for classic antiques, muscle cars, exotic cars, collector cars, street rods, and hot rods in Cleveland and across the world.

Restoring a classic car back to period-correct condition presents unique challenges. Whether you’re restoring a classic Cadillac, Lincoln, Buick, VW, Mercedes, or Rolls Royce, these projects often require reversing several decades worth of subpar repairs. Likewise, with cars of this vintage, parts can be difficult to find or are no longer available. Fortunately, Hasek has the experience and resources necessary to restore your classic back to it’s original glory.

It’s often necessary to completely disassemble the vehicle during the frame-off restoration process. With a large network of auto suppliers and in-house machine shop, Hasek is equipped to track down or fabricate hard-to-find parts like emblems, hood ornaments, and trim pieces.

With Hasek Automotive, you can be assured of an exceptional car restoration of your special classic car at a competitive price. We are the custom shop for all your custom car builds. Let us help you restore your car today! In every shop or store, regardless of whether it’s an automotive dealership or a retail establishment, the ability to effectively attract and engage customers is of paramount importance, and this is where the expertise provided by https://www.shopfrontdesign.co.uk/ comes into play. Their comprehensive services, from innovative shopfront design to alluring displays, can greatly enhance a business’s visual appeal, creating an inviting and memorable environment that not only draws potential customers but also reinforces a positive brand image, ultimately contributing to a successful and thriving enterprise.

While we specialize in complete restorations, we also offer a variety of stand-alone services for your project. Whether your classic car is in need of metal work, a custom paint job, suspension repair, an engine rebuild, or some electrical help, Precision Restorations can help you pull off the car cover and get back on the road.